Session Information

Worship Team: The Tech & Band Relationship

Kurt Johnson, presenter
A look into the guiding values and ministry philosophy that make for a healthy and united worship team. We're going to talk about some things that you probably won't find on Google, YouTube, read in Worship Leader or Church Production magazines, maybe step on some toes, then open up for Q&A.

Preparing Your Heart for Worship

Nate Bull, presenter
This breakout will discuss why keeping a posture of humility is important for keeping your heart prepared for worship.

Prophetic Singing

Marques Allen & T’Mesha Williams, presenters
This workshop is designed to equip and empower singers to step out and release the prophetic song of the Lord in the midst of corporate worship.  This workshop will combine Biblical principles and practical teaching that will take you deeper in your encounter with Jesus as you learn to hear His voice and sing the song of the Lord.

Keyboard Soundscape Technology

Jared March, presenter
This breakout will focus on using a computer with a keyboard to enhance your capabilities during worship. We'll talk about the basics of hardware and software along with some of the benefits and pitfalls that come with having a computer on stage. Topics will include pad loops, MIDI, Mac/PC, Mainstage, Ableton Live, Reason, MIDI controllers, audio interfaces and more!

Harp and Bowl: Worship-Driven Intercession

Tami Flick, presenter
Looking for a way to make prayer meetings more engaging for all who attend?  Or how to weave intercession into corporate worship times?  This workshop will explain and demonstrate harp and bowl worship-intercession as employed by the modern day house of prayer movement.  Come prepared to participate!  

Multi-Cultural Worship

Phillip Cunningham & Tami Flick, presenters
An exploration of multi-cultural worship in the local church, house of prayer, and/or college ministry.  This session will discuss how to connect with people of other cultures and create powerful, stylistically authentic and anointed multi-cultural worship experiences.

Intro to Nashville Numbers

Peter Webb, presenter
The Nashville Number system is a method of transcribing and understanding music. It aides band communication, improvisation, transposition, arrangement, and ear-training, by substituting numbers for the traditional letter chords found on most chord charts.

Vocal Coaching

John MacMullen, presenter
This session is designed to help vocalists further reach their God-given potential. In this session we will look at a variety of exercises and techniques that ultimately help bring vocal freedom, increase vocal range, and increase ones ability to sing a variety of musical styles.

Advanced Vocal Coaching

Ashley Daneman, presenter
This session will contain the following instruction: a detailed presentation of chest register, head register and the "mixing" of the two which gives singers healthy sound options for styles in contemporary worship. We'll practice how to identify and develop each register of your singing voice separately and then how to mix them using exercises for the vocal tract. Vocal problems, and keeping the voice healthy, will also be discussed.

Instrumental Improvisation

Rufus Ferguson, presenter
This track will help you learn what to listen for and how to play what isn't written - adding creativity and expression to your playing by understanding methods of improvisation.